Contact Details

Fr Gregory Rowles
96 Catherine St, Leichhardt
NSW 2040, Australia.
Phone: (02) 9518 0650

Lilla Contarino
Hours: Monday - Friday
(8.30 am - 12.00 pm)
= Saturday & Sunday Closed =


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Our parish is dedicated to serve Catholics around Leichhardt's region. However, in some cases, our ministry is enlarged for all people of God. In that respect, there are plenty of possibilities for you to support our ministries,  both morally and financially. 

We serve in the area of ​​sacraments and sacramental, such as baptism, Eucharist, anointing for the sick, marriage, funeral, etc. We also do some ministry, such as visiting nursing home and ministry to the poor.

If you are interested and want to give your time and/or donation for these kinds of ministries, please give a call or send your donation to our address. Thanks for your supports!


Sacramental life is the center of a ministry in all parishes. Recognizing the importance of this, our parish provides sacramental services, which include the sacrament of Baptism, Eucharist, Penance, Anointing of the sick, and Marriage. In some special occasions, our parish also held the Sacrament Of The Holy Order and Sacred Chrism.


Our parish offers a wide range of services in categorical areas such as: the formation of the Catholic faith for primary school's students, RCIA course, the Movement Of The Secular Franciscan Order, Renewal in the Holy Spirit, group of the Holy Rosary, Padre Pio's prayer group, the movement of Apostle of Consecration to Mary, etc.

Support Us

St Fiacre and Immaculate Conception's parish only can move and live from your supports and donations. Your gift, even though small, would be very meaningful for the development of this parish and the people of God. If you want to help us, please contact us by mail, email or telephone. Thanks for your generosity!

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