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Fr Gregory Rowles
96 Catherine St, Leichhardt
NSW 2040, Australia.
Phone: (02) 9518 0650

Lilla Contarino
Hours: Monday - Friday
(8.30 am - 12.00 pm)
= Saturday & Sunday Closed =


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Blessed Pope John Paul II used to say: "The Holy Eucharist is the font of energy to live in freedom, to love as Christ loves, purely and selflessly." 

Pope Benedict XVI refers us to his encyclical letter Deus Caritas Est, in which he reminded us that participation in the Eucharistic Sacrifice necessarily issues in a daily life marked by “the concrete practice of love”. Our Holy Father goes on to comment that the moral transformation inherent in Eucharistic Communion is not a mere matter of a moral injunction imposed upon us by participation in the Eucharistic Sacrifice. “It is before all else the joy-filled discovery of love at work in the hearts of those who accept the Lord’s gift, abandon themselves to Him and thus find true freedom.” It is our intimacy with the Lord in the Holy Eucharist which, at one and the same time, makes us conscious of our own sinfulness and inflames our desire to live always in Christ and, therefore, to love as He loves. (ad experimentum, sed in preparatio!)

Mass in English

Daily Mass:
Monday-Saturday : 7.00 am

Sunday Vigil: 
Saturday: 5.30 pm

Sunday Mass:
(Lilyfield): 8.00 am
Sunday (Leichhardt): 9.30 am 

Youth Adoration & Mass
: 4.00 pm

Mass in Italian

Sunday Mass:
Sunday Mass: 11.00 am

Only for a special intention:
Monday-Saturday: 7.00 pm

CONFESSION: Saturday 4.45 to 5.15pm.
(or another time by request)